Good food, made fast.

So I’ve been playing about with “Smoothie Bowls” lately. I’ve seen a lot of them posted online and decided I need them in my life, these are an epic Breakfast (or dessert, depending on how you dress them!). They take no time to make and they can can be made to suit any taste. I love these because because they jam in AT LEAST 3 servings of fruit into my first meal of the day and they taste amazing! Now, you will have to excuse my photos as they’re not exceptional, I am currently using an iPhone 4, I’m not overly practised at food photography and I’ve not put any filters on these particular pictures.

So what’s in these?

I have 3 different kinds here, Raspberry, Banana & Blackcurrant,  Raspberry & Banana and Double Banana with mixed berries. I topped mine with a homemade muesli, raw nuts, fruit, coconut and honey (For the beautiful vegans out there, maple syrup or blackstrap molasses are great alternatives, just using what I have where I’m staying at the moment!).

I make mine in a Nutri Bullet/Ninja and fill it up. I use;

1-2 Frozen Bananas

1 BIG handful of berries, raspberries are my favourite

1/3C(ish) Coconut cream

Top with coconut water

Blend the shit out of it, pour into a bowl and top with all the fantastic toppings you can think of!

You can use any kind of berries/fruit with the bananas and I have been using coconut cream mixed with coconut water as I don’t have any other plant based milk at the moment, definitely a beautiful thing about these is you can use whatever you have/want!

So fast, so good for you, so easy and so tasty (I probably already said that one).



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