Cruelty Free Baking

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Home baking. My favourite past time, cookies from Great Grandma, cakes and squares from my Grandmas and Mum’s winning Chinese Chew. There are few people that would pass up on a fresh treat straight out of the oven but with more and more people becoming vegan nowadays, the “no’s” are becoming a trend. My answer, Vegan Baking! It’s not hard to substitute an egg, some butter and a splash of milk so lets do it! Beneficial for your body and the planet there is little reason to say no. This book is filled with all sorts of goodies that’ll have people turning heads and begging for a recipe. Not only is this the perfect book for Vegans but also Coeliacs, gluten is a poison for our lovely coeliac friends and, surprise, surprise, it is a staple in most of the baked goods on the market. With this book you can please and surprise your coeliac companions with mouth-watering cakes, cookies and squares with the assurance that they are 100% poison free!

Give it a go, it’s book you won’t regret, it has certainly been a staple in my cookbook collection!





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